MoChannel Manager

Sell your rooms on multiple Online Travel Agents (OTA) websites.

Our Channel Manager is the convenient tool for selling your hotel rooms on multiple distribution channels. Your hotel rooms are sold across different online travel agencies (OTA’s) and you can easily manage all real time internet bookings and reservations. Your hotel enjoys both local and international visibility.

Key Features

View & Manage Reservations

View and manage reservations from all OTAs and other channels from a single system

Rate Management

Manage rates, discounts and hikes across multiple OTA websites from a single page in.

Instant Notifications

Get instant notifications for all reservations on any of the channels you sell through

Track Payments

Track and manage payments for all reservations from all OTAs

Increasing sales channels

MFH continues to increase the number of channel partners your room gets listed on which means sales can only continue to get better.

Some of our channel partners

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