MoBiashara for Airlines


MoBiashara for Airlines is an all-in-one system through which airlines can provide easy to use channels for travelers to make reservations and pay for airline tickets. With the solution, Airlines can easily consolidate and sync their inventory over the counter with their online and mobile booking.

We work with the airlines to customize the MoBiashara platform to the unique needs of the airline. Today, our MoBiashara Solution is employed by some of the biggest commercial airline operators in Nigeria.


Profitable Distribution Channel

Sell tickets through various channels. Increase touch points for consumers to interact and make purchases. Cut down on operational and physical costs. Passengers can buy tickets online, via their mobile devices at anytime and from anywhere in the world.

Direct Interaction and Sales

Engage directly with passengers and customers. Be more agile and up to date on industry trends and market opportunities. No more long, stressful, unconnected view with customers. Beyond brick and mortar, you can sell directly to consumers.

Flexible Payment System

Our platform is smooth and flawless, making it easy to use. Your availability and rates are always in sync with your listings on all channels, delivering all you need to delightfully convert the passenger experience from the curb to the gate.

Mobile penetration far exceeds the reach of the internet in Nigeria and West Africa and our partnership with SlimTrader helps position Arik as a 21st Century operator, using cutting edge technology to improve ease of service and customer interaction.
Dr. Michael Arumemi-Ikhide

Arik Air’s Global Chief Executive Officer

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