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SlimTrader addresses the need for automation, exposure and distribution via the affordable, easy-to-use platform called MoBiashara for Hotels (MfH) a cloud based Software-as-a-Service platform. MFH is a hotel inventory management and reconciliation platform that provides important benefits to hotel owners or managers, from large hotels chains to the small bed and breakfast establishments.

MoBiashara for Hotels is affordable and easy-to-use; empowering hotels with automation and visibility on a global scale to enable them operate on the level of international chains. With MoBiashara for Hotels, local hotels rooms are made available for purchase on multiple platforms including international and local online travel agencies.

MoBiashara for Hotels (MFH)’ is a ‘one stop solution’ with which hotels get a booking engine for online reservations; a Property Management System (PMS) to manage their property, hotel front desk POS (Point of Sale Terminal) and a restaurant POS.

MfH integrates with Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) and hotels' credit/ debit card swipe machine and has 4 useful modules available for hotels:


  • Provides unlimited scalability connecting Nigerian/ African hotels to Expedia,, TripAdvisor,, Sabre (future), Amadeus (future) with on simple and responsive user interface.
  • Affordable cloud-based hotel reservation and distribution solution.
  • Cloud based property manager with no expensive hardware or software to maintain.
  • Comprises just a PC and card machine.
  • Guest management tools for managing daily operations.
  • Features include check-in/check-out, daily financial reports and housekeeping (future).
  • Allows postings and charges at the Food & Beverage and other points-of-sales to integrate with the Property Manager.
  • Integration of inventory stock control of food and beverages with the MoServices restaurant sales Point of Sales (POS)
Other Important Features
  • White-label Loyalty Rewards Program
  • Composite ‘Personal Computer – Point of Sale Terminal’ (PC-POS) system
  • Payments
    • Automatic syncing and reconciliation between hotels’ credit and debit card machines with computer records.
    • Supports both online and offline payments.
    • Hotels can charge in their preferred currency.
  • Revenue Generation
    • Opportunity to electronically retail airtime minutes for commissions
    • Opportunity to take control and make last minute price adjustments.

MoBiashara for hotels plan

MoBiashara for Hotels is available in any of two price plans.
  • MoBiashara for Hotels Free Plan
  • MoBiashara for Hotels Enterprise Plan
Free Plan
$0.00 Sell your rooms on all available channels
  • MoChannelManager
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Enterprise Plan
from $20.00 Take advantage of all enterprise features
  • MoChannelManager
  • MoPropertyManager
  • MoServices
  • MoInventory
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Tola Akerele

co-Founder Bogobiri Hotel

4 easy steps to start using MoBiashara for Hotels
Start by creating both a user profile and hotel profile for your hotel.
Upload images, add descriptions, set pictures and pricing for your rooms
Get verified then your hotel inventory becomes searchable and bookable online.
Get more features to manage your entire hotel operations by choosing our enterprise plan
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