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We had a good day!

First things first, I have never blogged before so if you are reading this, sincere apologies if I am flouting every blogging rule in the book. I promise to read a ‘How to blog’ book before my next blog.

Yesterday, Julia Youngs and Rob Smith came in to meet with us. We had a nice long Q and A session with them which yours truly recorded on video. We should have the video up as soon as we get it edited. I learn a lot from Rob every time I meet him. Building a fleet of green boats (running  on veggie oil) in Everett WA, for use as a ferry service on Lake Victoria is a daunting task for anyone but not for Rob and his firm. Everyone in our conference room got a good education on East African infrastructure challenges from Rob. He did an awesome job giving us a renewed sense of purpose. You really should see the video, nothing a blogging newbie like myself writes compares to listening to the Q&A.

Hope today is an even better day.


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