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Golden Mean Capital

Met up with David Jeromin, Co-founder of Golden Mean Capital (http://www.goldenmeancap.com/home.html) today in San Francisco. David’s work in the African Agri sector has always been fascinating to me. We’ve always hoped our two firms can work together, that hope is becoming more of a reality with our firm’s work enhancing the agriculture value chain.

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Jon Gosier

One of the benefits of doing what I do is the opportunity to meet really cool folks. One such person is Jon Gosier, who I first met at SOCAP (http://socialcapitalmarkets.net/). We’ve been running into each other at conferences ever since. We were both panelists at the HBS Africa conference (http://www.hbsafricaconference.com/) in Boston over the weekend and got the opportunity to meet up again today in San Francisco. Both of us were in town to meet with investors, so we took time out to have dinner. I got to hear developments on Ushahidi’s Swift river (http://swift.ushahidi.com/) and also got some good advice in the process. Jon is a Senior TED Fellow (http://www.ted.com/pages/view/id/241) a super cool dude who has been extremely helpful to our firm.

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Invested Development

It’s official, due diligence completed, term sheet signed. We are now officially a portfolio company of Invested Development (http://www.investeddevelopment.com/). We can’t say enough about the Invested Development team and how wonderful they have been to work with.

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