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Bedah Mengo charts an increasingly common path business owners in Kenya are taking to not only supplement their incomes, but also increase foot traffic – a move that adds another revenue stream while boosting in-store sales. Here’s a typical story of a business owner in the East African nation’s capitol: Bob Mutie, who runs a [...]

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“Africa Is Not a House”

A quick housekeeping note: We’ve been traveling, hence the blog neglect. Now, onto the post… A friend of ours has a saying he tells people. It’s a simple saying—a metaphor, really—and he deploys it whenever someone hears he’s from Africa—Nigeria, to be specific—and responds with some variant of the following: Oh, you must know so-and-so [...]

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Buried in a status report about the Central Bank of Nigeria’s (CBN) cashless initiative in Lagos is this nugget: [CBN Governor Mallam Lamido] Sanusi said 15 mobile payment operators had been licensed in Nigeria and that as a result, 80 million mobile-owning Nigerians would benefit from financial inclusion and a cashless existence. While there is [...]

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