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We’ve had a banner few weeks here at SlimTrader-a heady mixture of excitement, surprise, and profound appreciation. First,  our CEO, Femi Akinde, was selected as a 2011 TEDGlobal Fellow. It’s a major-and yes, humbling-honor for him to have been included among a wealth of first-rate minds at such a prestigious event. To say that he’s excited to bring the SlimTrader message of social progress through entrepreneurial innovation to TED is an understatement.

But although Femi will be flying solo to the Edinburgh, Scotland-based confab, he’s quick to point out that his selection serves as a testament to the overall effort of the entire SlimTrader team. So, congrats to all, and keep up the good work!

In other (very) good news: Venture Beat reporter Ciara Byrne profiled SlimTrader in the June 15th edition of the New York Times. She clearly and concisely laid out the problems our MoBiashara service addresses, as well as the growing importance of our partners in the mobile technology boom such as M-PESA, Aritel, and MTN. Money quote:

Simple transactions from filling a prescription to buying a bus ticket involve long journeys and long waits.” The most precious commodity for the BOP (Bottom of the pyramid) is time[,]” said Akinde. “If you want to purchase a transportation ticket, you’re looking at a day-long ordeal involving multiple trips to various institutions.” That’s a day on which no work can be done and money earned. Time really is money to the BOP.

Despite the recent exposure, we’re of course doing anything but resting on our laurels. Stay tuned here – or join us on Twitter or Facebook – for more news in the weeks and months ahead, including a recap of Femi’s experiences at, and thoughts on, SOCAP Europe.

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